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Welcome to web page of the International Association for Fuzzy-Set Management and Economy (SIGEF)

The facilities which SIGEF make available to its members are many and varied. The most important is be the organization of meetings, conferences, talks and similar activities allowing members to air their concerns, and to present ideas and work in progress. The international journal of the Association, FUZZY ECONOMIC REVIEW, plays a leading role by bringing together the most important projects devised by specialist and offering them a fundamentally practical opening into the business world, in pursuit of university-business cooperation which is both necessary and beneficial to both sides.

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Our next conference will take place in New Rochelle (NY), on June 7-9, 2017 Important dates: Conference dates: Jun 7, 2017 to Jun 9, 2017 Deadline for paper submissions: Feb 20, 2017 ...


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This is the new web of SIGEF. We hope you find it useful. Please, if you have some questions or suggestions about it, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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Simulation decomposition: new approach for better simulation analysis of multi-variable investment p…

This paper presents a new method to enhance simulation-based analysis of complex investments that contain multi-variable uncertainty. The method is called “simulation decomposition”. Typically the result of simulation-based investment analysis...

Number 2. November 2016

Fuzzy grouping variables in economic analysis. a pilot study of a verification of a normative model …

Many of the investments decisions facing with uncertainty can be characterized as real options problems. There is evidence of deviation from the predictions derived using such normative models. The proposed...

Number 2. November 2016

Mixed models for risk aversion, optimal saving, and prudence

The models of this paper refer to mixed risk situations: one parameter is a fuzzy number and the other is a random variable. Three notions of mixed expected utility are...

Number 2. November 2016

Real option approach for comparing lifetime costs of alternative diabetes type i treatment methods

This paper compares with cash flow simulation real option valuation method the costs of treating diabetes type 1 (T1D) with the commonly used multiple daily injection (MDI) method and the...

Number 2. November 2016

Similarity classifier with weighted ordered weighted averaging operator

In this paper we present a similarity-based classifier that utilizes a weighted ordered weighted averaging (WOWA) operator in the aggregation of infor-mation. The aggregation process used in the WOWA operator...

Number 2. November 2016

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