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FUZZY ECONOMIC REVIEW welcomes original high quality papers within the scope of the journal.  Manuscripts must not be under review by another journal or previously published. It is not mandatory to be a SIGEF member to submit your paper.

Manuscripts will be independently reviewed by two anonymous referees (three in case of disagreement). Articles will be assessed following double-blind peer review.

Manuscripts must be submitted in English. Authors whose native language is not English are strongly advised to have their manuscripts checked by an English speaking colleague prior to submission.

After an article is accepted, and prior to actual publication, all authors must submit a signed publication agreement giving SIGEF permission to publish their articles.

Authors can self-archive their manuscripts and enable public access from their institution's repository after an embargo period.


Manuscripts should be submitted via e-mail to sigef@urv.cat.


All work must abide by the following technical specifications:

  • Text and tables should be presented in MICROSOFT-WORD for WINDOWS.
  • Equations should be presented in MICROSOFT-WORD for WINDOWS or in Equation Editor of Microsoft. Images are not allowed.
  • Graphs and illustrations should be presented in MICROSOFT WORD, EXCEL and inserted in the text in the appropriate place.
  • Paper: DIN A4 (29.7 cm high and 21 cm wide); Font: Arial (10 cpi); Margins: 4.25 cm left and right; 2.2 cm upper and 8.4 cm lower; Page numbering: Bottom right; First level title: Capital and bold (Arial 10 cpi); Second level title: Small capital and bold (Arial 10 cpi); Third level title: Lower case and bold (Arial 10 cpi)
  • Tables and Figures should be numbered consecutively in Arabic numerals. They must be referred in the text.
  • Footnotes and references to published literature should be quoted in the text and grouped at the end of the page in numerical order. References at the foot of the page should be arranged as follows: Author (lower case), year, pages. If a referenced author has different references in the same year, these will be differentiated by adding an a,b,c,... after the year. Whole references should be presented in the bibliography.
  • The list of references should be presented at the end of the article as follows:

Journal: Zadeh, L. A. (1965). "Fuzzy sets". Information and control, Vol. 8, No. 3, p. 338-353.

Book: Dubois, D.; Prade, H. (1980). Fuzzy Sets and Systems. Theory and Applications. London, Academic Press.

Book chapterZadeh, L.A. (2000). "Outline of a computational theory of perceptions based on computing with words”, in: Sinha, N.K.; Gupta, M.M. (eds.) Soft Computing and Intelligent Systems: Theory and Applications, p. 3-22. London, Academic Press.

  • The paper must be sent as follows:

a) The first page should contain: Title of the article, name and full institutional affiliation (Department, Faculty, University, postal address, e-mail) of the author(s).

b) The second page should also contain the title (but no reference to the authors), abstract (between 100 and 180 words), up to 7 keywords, between 2 and 4 classification codes according to the Classification System for Journal Articles as used by the Journal of Economic Literature, and the text of the paper.

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